List of Best VPN Apps and Service Available in 2021

In the Modern Era of the Internet and the Online World Security and privacy has become a very big concern for many of us. We are constantly Surrounded by several threats while we work online. So getting and using the Best VPN Service is always the best idea to keep your online world safe and secure – Especially in the current scenario of the world. If you are not come across about this Technical word VPN and you don’t have any slightest amount of knowledge about VPN service than congratulation you have found one of the Best article available on the Internet, which not only provide you a brief knowledge about VPN but also helps you if you in choosing the Best VPN Service or app available in 2021.


So Now let’s first clear the Basic Question that is What is VPN?


A VPN is special software that helps any user in the online world by offering a special protective covering or shield to its online activity. VPN ( Virtual Private Network)  creates a very special encrypted tunnel between the user and another computer ( Server). The User then can access and use the internet connection of that server to perform all its tasks in the online world. This Process is very helpful for masking and hiding the IP address and location of any person from online hackers and threats.   A  VPN software is not less than a savior for every person who works online.


Now when you get an idea about VPN, you might also want to know which are the Best available VPNs in the market in 2021. If You search on Google or Bing or any search engine you come across a huge list of different VPN soft wares. There are so many options available which give freedom to pick any but also at the same time it creates a lot of confusion. Luckily for you guys, being in this online world for a long time we always use such type of service on daily basis and we have tested over 100+ VPN services.

Some of them are Very good, some are average and some are below average. So after reviewing all of them we have created a list of some of the amazing and best VPN service providers. So for whatever reason, you are intending to use a VPN service, we will give you confidence that you are installing the right one and avoiding any that could potentially be not beneficial or dangerous.


List of Best VPN services in 2021  :




1) CyberGhost :


Cyberghost VPN


So the first on the list is CyberGhost VPN. It is one of the Best and used VPN services in 2021 and it performs it all task perfectly. CyberGhost is a Romanian and German Based Company. It has 5,000 Plus severs in more than 90 countries all around the world. CyberGhost is one of the VPN services which are available on every major operating platform whether it’s Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, or Firestick. With the blend of Simple Interface, Ease of use, and Power  CyberGhost is currently serving more than ten million users across the globe.



Features of CyberGhost are:

. Allows users to connect a maximum of  7 devices simultaneously

.Automatically Blocks Ads,  Tracker, and Malicious websites and webpages

.Allows you to access all regionally restricted or blocked content like Hulu, Netflix, and many other

. Encrypt and uses the most advanced level algorithms to keep your privacy and data safe.

. Offers 45-day money-back guarantee, if your expectation is not fulfilled by the product.


2) Express VPN :




It’s one of the most popular and used VPN services in the market right now. Just like CyberGhost, Express VPN is also run on all the major platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, and even on Blackberry too. Express VPN also has a Browser extension for all the devices that can run them.

Express VPN can offer you unlimited bandwidth and with servers located in more than 94 countries all over the world and you can choose any server from 160 plus locations.


Features of Express VPN :


. Allows up to 5 devices to use VPN services simultaneously.

.Provides Kill Switch and split tunneling

.Offers 256-bit AES and DNS/IPv6  leak protection

.24/7 available  Email and chat support helps customers if they need any advice or facing any sort of difficulty.


3) Nord VPN :


Nord VPN comes third on the list and with great features and performance at a very good price, there are only a few who can beat it. Nord VPN is a Panama-based company and offers all the basic and advanced features that you can expect from the Best VPN Service provider.  Nord VPN is available for all windows, Android, iOS and Mac, Linux. By manual setup, you can also use it for wireless routers and other devices.


Features of Nord VPN are :


. Allows users to select between 5, 400 servers from over 60+ countries with Regularly addition of new.

. Offers  Special server for Peer Peer connection.

. Provides Double Encryption dedicated IPs, and Onion over VPN for Tor users.

.Always available 24/7 support care for any help of customers.


4)Surfshark : 


Sufshark VPN is relatively new to the family of VPNs but it’s becoming very popular in this short period. Surfshark is the best VPN  for families and  Small Businesses because it offers unlimited simultaneous connections.


Features of Surfshark VPN:


.The company owns more than 1041 servers and gives its clients the freedom to select between 61 countries.

. Blocks Ads, Malware and keep your identity Anonymous.

.Offers Features Like split tunneling, Kill switch, and Double Encryption

. Surfshark has a Strict no data log policy.




5) IPVanish VPN:

It Can be the last on the list but its features are not less than anyone. IPVanish VPN offers performance and security of top-notch. The amazing balance of  Security and performance makes it gain a place in this list of Best VPN Service providers.




.Features of IPVansih VPN :


. With over 12000 plus servers across the world to choose from its one of the best VPN

.256-bit encryption, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, P2P connection, and SOCKS5 proxies for fast torrent downloads.

.Allows up to 10 simultaneous connection

.24/7 customer support helps users to get rid of any difficulty in a quick time.

. 7 Days money-back guarantee is another most important benefit of IPVansih, If you are overall not happy with the VPN you can back your complete refund.








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