What is VPN and Why do you need it?

VPN is a very common term among geeks and technology enthusiasts and it is one of the most useful features for securing privacy in the online world. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. But what does that mean, in simple terms it allows you to create a secure, safe connection to another network over the internet. VPN creates a network tunnel between the User device and the server which is encrypted and protected by a very high standard and difficult to crack algorithm. So the tunneling process not only secures your network but also made you completely anonymous to anyone.  VPN not only acts as a shield to protect your identity and Useful data but it also has a wide array of other users.


These days VPN is becoming very popular not the reason it was first created but of its many other usages. The VPN was first used to connect and communicate business networks together safely on the Internet or allow employees to access the business network on the Internet.


Why you need a VPN?


We all everyday access the internet every through our Mobile, desktop, Tablet, Ipad, or many other devices but it’s not just us who uses the Internet or have access to it. There are many malicious and harmful people are there in the online world. So by creating a secure network over the internet VPN helps common people to hide and protect their important data online. The Purpose of VPN Software is so diverse and it offers many other beneficial services to users.

A VPN software connects your Mobile, Laptop, or Desktop to the other computer over the internet which is called a Server, and then allows you to browse or surf the internet using that servers’ Internet connection. So if the Server is located in any other country, it will appear to the websites you are accessing are coming from that country. So masking of IP address and location will not help you in being anonymous but you can also access those apps and websites which are geographically restricted to users of certain countries.

The Biggest Example of this is Netflix, Yes you can use a VPN service and access and watch content that is Popular among other Countries and its not available in your country.



What are the Uses of VPN ?



Other Uses of VPNs :        


. Access Your Home Network While Traveling or When you are away:

Vpn security

Because most of the operating system nowdays offers integrated VPN Support so you set up your own VPN Network to access your network while you are traveling. This will allow you to access Your windows Desktop remotely over the internet, you can then use your local files which you shared and play games on the internet like you are on your home network.

. Hide Your Browsing History from your local Network Provider or ISP :

If you want some more privacy and don’t want that your ISP will see what you are doing then you can simply connect to any safe VPN Services and Hide yourself. The Local Network will only see a single Secure VPN Connection and all other traffic will travel over the VPN connection.


. For Torrenting: Many of us like to use torrent websites because of the different usage and benefits it offers but if your ISP is throttling torrent websites and making the download extremely slow then you can also use VPN to bypass your Service providers restriction and to achieve a much greater speed while downloading.


. Access Geo Location-Restricted Websites: If you want to use some websites which are only available in your country and you are traveling to any other part of the world but you don’t want to miss out on your favorite shows then VPN is the service you should look for. You can connect to the server of any country or your own country and watch your favorites shows live.

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