Who Was Katherine Kelemen? How Did She Die? Check Katherine Kelemen Wiki Bio, Accused, Murder Case, & More.

There is a most shocking case that Voorhees police have ever dealt with. Katherine Kelemen, a 22-year-old girl was brutally assaulted and killed by her father. Not only her daughter he also had beaten his wife at his home. On Monday morning. When police arrived there he ran away from the house and left his daughter and his wife at home. Police have taken both to the hospital. Unfortunately, Katherine died immediately after she reached the hospital and her mother has a serious injury but her condition is fine now.

Katherine Kelemen Voorhees nj is dead – Obituary2021 – cause of death

Who Was Katherine Kelemen? Why Her Father Killed Her?

According to the police, Katherine was fresher at Temple University’s College of Liberal Arts and her mother Sheri Kelemen is a teacher at that college. Police said that they received the call from Katherine’s mother. She said her husband was beating her and her daughter. When the police team reached the house.

They found Katherine and her mother in the bedroom. Both were bleeding and in an unconscious state. Immediately police took both to Jefferson University Hospital in Stratford. But Katherine couldn’t survive and died. Doctors said her mother had an injury in the head and now her condition is stable.

Katherine Kelemen Cause Of Death, Accused Gregory Kelemen

After that incident Voorhees police had alerted the area, on Tuesday, Police got a report from Preston avenue about 11:30 am and they found the Gregory Kelemen dead in the woods about one mile away from his home. According to the police, he might be afraid after the crime so he may have committed suicide.

The police took the statement from the victim. She said that her husband Gregory Keelemen worked as an analyst at Cooper University Health Care. For a month he has been suffering from stress and abused his wife.

When the police department confirmed to the Cooper health care. They said that Gregory worked as a team member there and he had duty on Monday. But he took leave on that day and said to his superior that he had a family emergency and he might be late to work.

Katherine Kelemen Wiki Bio, Age, Net Worth, Murder Case, Instagram, & More!

On Monday when she woke up with some loud noise then she saw her husband beating her daughter with a baseball bat and when she tried to stop him. when Sheri failed to stop him he called to 911 police and report a complaint against her husband. In the meantime, Gregory also hurt her and hit on her head with a baseball bat.

When arrived at the home. Gregory ran away from the home. And then on the next day, they found the body of Gregory in the wood near Preston Avenue. According to the police. after that incident, the suspect would try to hide someplace. But he could make it. Also, he might feel regret about his action. When the federal law enforcement found his dead body. They said he might shot himself with a gun. For the latest updates and news, broadcasts keep following on All Social Updates.

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