Who Is Nthabiseng Princess Mtetwa? Watch Nthabiseng Princess Mtetwa Trending Video – Get Out Of My Car V Class Video Viral on Social Media!

There is a video trending on the social media of Nthabiseng Princess Mtetwa. In this video, we have seen a man or driver who was shouting over women in the car and saying “Get out of my car” in an abusive way. It has been about 2 days when the video was posted on social media or Twitter. Now, people have been sharing the video on a different platform. Now it goes viral. Many people have a question about what has happened? First of all, people featured In the video from South Africa. Let’s talk about what’s the real matter in the video.

WATCH: Nthabiseng Princess Mtetwa Trending Video – Get Out Of My Car V Class Video Viral on Social Media!

Who Is Nthabiseng Princess Mtetwa? Watch Her Trending Video!

We didn’t get the name of the driver who owned the V Class Benz. But we got the Instagram profile of one women name Nthabiseng Princess Mtetwa. After the whole matter, a random Instagram user asked the car driver.

He said that he, his wife, and a bunch of friends picked the two women at midnight. They were going to somewhere out there to chill. According to the car owner. When he got outside to brought some food and drinks for everyone in the car.

Get Out Of My Car V Class Benz Viral Video Of Nthabiseng Princess Mtetwa

When he got back to the car and driving. A few minutes later he heard that the woman in the blue dress whispering and saying he has a cheap car. He also said that she was insulting his wife. For a moment he got a short temper on the lady.

Then after it turned into a serious quarrel and the car driver shouted over her and said: “Get out of my car” in an abusive way. When the lady apologized to him. he tried to grope her legs to get her out of the car.

Other women in the yellow dress felt embarrassed and didn’t know how they would deal with this. The whole video was recorded by the wife of the car driver.

Nthabiseng Princess Mtetwa Wiki Bio, Age, Instagram, Career, Family, Viral Video

In the social people have separated in the two ways. Where some people said he was badly misbehaving with the ladies especially when he said “Do you get money like that from. If he is innocent why would he pick up some slay girls In his car?

Some other people also commented on the video these are kind of crazy stuff he did just for getting attention on social media. On social media, there are lots of people who have done peculiar actions to get attention from the people. For further updates, entertainment, and news broadcasts keep following on All Social Updates.

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