Delhi Night Curfew: Click To Know New Guidelines Rules Timing & Details

Delhi Night Curfew started from 10 pm to 5 am till 30th April. Check New Guidelines Rules Timing What will remain open latest news & updates.

Nowadays, Delhi Government has announced the Delhi Night Curfew because of rising cases of Chinese virus. The government thinking to take some strict action against the increase in the number of new cases. Finally, the government announces the night curfew in the entire Delhi. The timing of the curfew will start at 10 PM and it ends at 5 AM. Let us also tell you that the curfew will last until 30th April. The official statement of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal clearly stated that Delhi has faced the fourth wave of the virus. This time, Delhi will not be locked or a full-day curfew will not take place.

Delhi Night Curfew

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Said Night Curfew Is Mandatory

The main reason for taking this decision is Delhi has a vaccine for the virus that helps all the people who come in contact with the virus. The only option that Delhi Government decided to implement is Delhi Night Curfew. It is very dreadful because nobody wants to face lockdown again. The government imposes the night curfew to control the increasing number of cases in the capital of India. From the last month, the number of cases is rapidly increasing and the only decision that is mandatory to take by the government is night curfew.

India Became The Victim Of 1 Lakh New Cases In 24 Hours

If we talk about the total number of cases highlighted from the capital of India then it is more than 3,500. Also, as same the last year, if any person wants to go out during the curfew then they have to carry the E-pass. Apart from this, the residents who work on the night shift, in private hospitals, medical staff, and some others will be allowed to go out with ID proof. The main motive to implement the curfew is to examine the night activity in the entire state. Along with Delhi, Maharashtra and Rajasthan also suffering from the Night Curfew.

So far, the biggest hit of the virus is more than 1 lakh cases in 24 hours in India. The night curfew in Maharashtra and Rajasthan also applied at different times. In Maharashtra, the government put the curfew from 8 pm to 7 am. On the other hand, Rajasthan will be locked down from 8 pm to 6 am. Delhi government strictly ordered Restaurants, Banquet Halls, and Clubs to closed all the services during Delhi Night Curfew. Any kind of gathering will not be allowed by the government because it will be caused to the local people. So, Delhi Government finally imposed the night curfew in the entire state from a specific timing. Get more details here because we will update all the information here.

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