Who Was Lathitha Nako? Why She Commit Suicide? Check Lathitha Nako Wiki Bio, Age, School, Suicide News, & More.

There is another tragic news we have got from social media. A young schoolgirl name Lathitha Nako has committed suicide. For the past few months, she was being bullied by her classmates at School. She was studying at Bishop High School. Nowadays, bullying is the most serious issue that we have to be concerned about. in social media, we have got lots of cases of ragging and bullying in colleges and schools. In that case, most students have ended their life. We couldn’t imagine how she was going through for the last few months. People on social media felt bad for her and gave their condolence to her friend and close ones.

Who Was Lathitha Nako? How Did She die? Her story told and Her death

Who Was Lathitha Nako?

According to the sources, Lathitha Nako was a brilliant student and she had always focused on her study. But due to some bad fellows in her school, she has to be forced to the end of her life. Her friends have mentioned that she was a very innocent girl and a kind-hearted person. Nako’s friends also said she always felt some her near that means she was a kind of spiritual girl who always talk to herself alone.

That kind of her nature could not tolerate some fellows In the school. That’s why they always teased her and made fun of her. According to the sources she has reported complaints about her ragging in the school. but the school couldn’t take that seriously.

What Happened To Lathitha Nako? Who Bully Her In School?

If we talk about reactions in social media after that incident. Some Twitter users have shown the dark side of Bishop High school. According to the sources for the past few years records of Bishop school. most of the young students have committed suicide before.

But School never took any action about that. Right now the same incident has happened again with another young girl Nako Lathitha. According to her friends, a group of some fellow was teasing her for the past few months and when she tried to complain against them.

But in the whole act, they ultimately reported her to the teachers. The school faculty did not listen to her and called up a meeting for her parents in the school in the meantime she felt that she didn’t get help from the school.

Lathitha Nako Wiki Bio, Age, Cause Of Death, Parents, Career, Instagram, School

Right now it was the most heartbreaking moment for her close ones and her friends. She had dreamed to achieve a lot from his life, but instead of that, she has to end up her life that way. In social media, people felt bad about the incident that happened to her.

They are responsible death of a young girl at Bishop High School. we get to see most cases like where students committed suicide. And most of the students like Nako Lathitha have to end her life. We should discuss that issue and make a strict punishment for that.

We know that some of them have applied that law against ragging and bullying. But most of the country did not apply yet. Police have reached out to the spot and her family member was called. We have the deepest condolence for her and her family. God may give strength to her family and friend to get over this hard time. For the latest keep following on All Social Updates.

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