Who Is Sania Ashiq? Watch MPA Sania Ashiq & Maryam Nawaz Leaked Footage Video Went Viral On The Internet! Check Wiki Bio, & More

An indecent video from Pakistan has been shared many times, due to which everyone is trolling Sania Ashiq. So, it is a very big name coming in relation to this video. The video already went viral on several social media platforms. Let us tell you that the video is not appropriate in which a girl appears without any cloth. After the video comes into the eyes of a number of people, they start accusing Sania of appearing in Maryam Nawaz Leaked Footage. There is no official statement that has been arrived yet but netizens accuse that the girl is Sania. So, the truth behind this indecent video is explained here and just scroll down to know the details.

Watch MPA Sania Ashiq Leaked Video Went Viral On The Internet & Social Media

How Sania Ashiq Jabeen Video Leaked & Go Viral?

So, Sania Ashiq Jabeen is a Member of the Punjab Assembly (MPA) and Pakistan Mulsim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader since 2018. Currently, her leaked video went viral on social media, and she facing lots of obstacles and defame from people.

Not everyone accuses her but some people also demand clarification in this matter. There are many people who believe that she is not in Maryam Nawaz Leaked Footage and the girl who is seen is just her lookalike. Also, there is no information about the person who recorded the video.

Currently, Sania hadn’t responded to the controversies yet. Her wiki stated that she was born in Lahore, Pakistan. Later, she has received a degree of Pharmacy-D (Doctor of Pharmacy) from the¬†University of Punjab. When she completed her studies, she was elected to the Provincial Assembly of Punjab as a solicitor of the Pakistan Muslim League (N) (PML-N).

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Sania Ashiq Wiki Bio, Age, & Leaked Video

Let us also tell you that she became the youngest member of the Punjab Assembly to be elected in the 2018 general election. She got success at the age of 25 as she was born in March 1993.

There are lots of news that has been coming in front of everyone and several people alleged in such situations. Recently, Muhammad Zubair Leaked Video also created a sensation on the internet but he denied his involvement in the video.

Currently, Sania did not open up in this situation and people are waiting for her clarification. We know it is not easy to handle the moment in Sania’s life but if the video is tampered with, she will definitely speak up. The updates on this incident will be provided here.

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