Tips to Choose Perfect web Hosting Service for Your Business Wesbite or Personal Blog?

Things to Consider Before Choosing Web Hosting Service?

In this digital age, having a website or Personal Blog is a very common and most obvious thing. Your website serves as the primary storefront for your users and business. Before actually going to any shop or market people now looks online about that shop and market. They read reviews posted by customers, ask questions and then decide whether they will come to your shop or business place. So having the first good impression is very necessary. But one of the most common problems that any developer, blogger, or business owner face before starting their website is choosing the right web hosting provider. This is the reason we are providing Tips to Choose Web Hosting for all the users who want to start their own website.

 choose Web hosting

Which web hosting provider should they trust? Choosing the most appropriate hosting provider for your website is like choosing the Mr. Perfect for yourself. If done right, your whole life will be happy without any worry or tension. If not then it can be a big mess. So it’s always a good idea to do some research and find out what things you need to look for before committing a relationship with any hosting provider. If you are also going through this kind of situation and seeking a good source to find what are the key factors to look into any hosting provider then you are landed in the right place. We are here to help you, in this article, you will get all the answer to your burning question in your mind. We have created a step-by-step guide on Tips to Choose Web Hosting Provider and what are the things you must keep in focus on before spending any penny.

Things to Know before purchasing any web hosting company:

There are many different points and criteria to consider before choosing a hosting provider, some are very obvious and measurable like cost and 99.9% Uptime guarantee while other key factors like customer support are dependent on the different hosting companies. So, the Tips to Choose Web Hosting is given below that help you to get a genuine provider for your personal blog or website.

1) Type of Web Hosting :

Types of Web Hosting

So the first thing you need to figure out is what type of web hosting Server you want. Which type of hosting plan can fulfill your need or your business demand. While considering this point make sure to think about your present and future needs. So Basically any web hosting company classified their servers and plans into four categories:

  1. Shared Web Hosting: Shared web hosting means that you share your server space and resources with more than one website. In Shared web hosting multiple websites run on the same server. The main advantage of shared web hosting is its cost, shared web hosting plans are often the least expensive which makes them the ideal option for small businesses or new bloggers. Shared hosting is not good if you are planning to expand your business or have a huge amount of traffic.

2. Dedicated Web Hosting: In the Dedicated web hosting type a single website runs on a single server and all its resources like Ram, Bandwidth is available for that particular website. The Dedicated Web server hosting is always more expensive than any shared hosting but it’s worth the cost for high traffic websites where performance is of paramount factor.

3. VPS Web Hosting:

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server hosting is a halfway point between shared web hosting and a dedicated server. Just like shared web hosting, the virtual Private server type of web hosting also allows more than one website to run on the same server. A VPS  web hosting is like having access to your dedicated server with an allocated number of resources which are more than shared hosting and the choice of a pre-installed operating system. Because VPS is self-contained, you will have full control of your web server setup and are responsible for all updates and security. VPS  Web Hosting is ideal for a growing business or platform which has fluctuation in traffic on different time and occasion.

4. WordPress Web Hosting :

WordPress web hosting service is a special type of web hosting service. Which is designed for only WordPress Websites. WordPress Web hosting servers are optimized in a way to serve the best possible speed and performance for WordPress websites. WordPress web hosting service can be run on any of the above-mentioned three web hosting services but the important point is that if you have or want to start a WordPress website then WordPress web hosting will give you the best performance.

Choose wisely and consider all scenarios while choosing any web hosting type. It ultimately going to affect your present and future needs so give it a serious thought and take your decision wisely.

1.) Cost:  Price Or Cost is one of the major key factors that any new entrepreneur or part-time blogger or any enterprise looks for. Web hosting can cost a low as few dollars per month to thousands of dollars every month. Choosing a cheap or low-cost web hosting deal will give you limited services and resources. So always make sure that you very well understand the deal offered by web hosting companies and you have an idea of what your website’s requirement. Never choose any low-cost service that looks great the first time but in the end, doesn’t fulfill all your hosting needs

2.) Performance or Fast connection:   One of the major features of any web hosting service is its speed. Website loading speed is the first thing that any user’s face. A slow-loading website will never perform better, users or people will never wait for your website to load completely. Anyone does not want to wait and it always going to affect your business. Slow webpages will drive visitors away from your website so always choose a host whose speed is fast. A good host provides a fast connection so that your web pages will load very quickly, which always results in a positive user experience for your customers.

3.) Up-time :


Website up-time is the time that a website or web service is live or available to the users for accessing and using. Every single minute your website is down or inaccessible to users means that hundreds of missed opportunities for sales and leads. Downtime of the website also damages companies reputation in the market. So you must always choose a service provider who gives your guarantee of maximum uptime. Most of the Web hosting service providers offer 100% to a minimum 99% up-time and for unplanned downtime reimburse you for your loss.

4.) Customer support: 

Customer Service

One of the most important factors that can make or break a deal for anyone in Customer support. No one wants to wait for long hours for the solution to your problems. So If you or your company has no idea about server or website problems then you want a hosting provider whose services are always available whether it’s day or night, morning or evening. Most web hosting companies offer support through traditional methods via telephone, email but any web hosting company that runs a live chat service will provide you 24/7 support. You can contact with anytime online through chat and ask for help from their technicians, engineers will ensure that your website is running smoothly without any lag or issues.



Security is undoubtedly is one of the most important features to look at in a web hosting service. Your website hosting servers need to be equipped with a very powerful firewall and antivirus protection. Most of the top class web hosting services also monitor constantly for any unusual activities and unauthorized login attempt. For security purposes, your web hosting company must also support an SSL certificate. A secure socket layer (SSL ) is very necessary if you own an e-commerce website or any website which involves booking and accepting payments. SSL adds an extra security layer to your website, SSL encrypts all the information that travels from your browser to your web server. So Make sure you check out and special emphasis on security features while picking any web hosting provider.

6.) Bandwidth:  Bandwidth is a term that is used to calculate the rate of traffic and data allowed to flow between users and your website or blog via the internet. Bandwidth is usually expressed in bits per second like 70Mbs or 70Mb/s. Many hosting companies claim and show in their plans that they offer unlimited bandwidth but most of the time it’s not true. If you cross a certain bandwidth then they will charge you some extra amount. And most of the shared web hosting plans provide the least bandwidth usage. So you should watch out for bandwidth if you think your website can attract a lot of traffic.

7.) Storage :


Storage is another aspect of hosting which quite important. Web hosting services offer a different amount of storage in different plans depending on the need of the user. A blogger which has only a few blogs or any small entrepreneur who has only a landing page needs very less space on a server in comparison to big tech firms and MNCs who have thousands of pages on their website. So selecting the correct option will not only important but can also save you some chunk of money.

8. Website building tools: Almost all hosting provider offers different types of website builder tools.  Every website builder has different features that help the user in creating a much better website in less time. But these Website building tools sometimes come free with a limited number of features and sometimes web hosting service charge you for these services. So opt for these services only if you need them otherwise there is wisdom in spending money on website building tools. All the Tips to Choose Web Hosting are complete here and you will opt a perfect provider for your website or blog.

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