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Today, we are talking about the news of 1994 as a girl got missing from the year. The name of the girl is Tiffani Nelson who was 9 years old when she has last seen. The event that happened today was actually heartbreaking and unbelievable. So, 14 years later, the dead body of the girl has been recovered by the police. Yes, She has been killed by someone and her body has been founded. Every person who knows about the incident that happened in 1994 is shocked after hearing this news. But, it is a true incident that happened in South Augusta.

Tiffani Nelson

Tiffani Nelson Wikipedia & Missing News

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The news has arrived with lots of grief for her family members and close ones. Tiffani Nelson was 9 yeas old girl when she has last seen by her family and neighbours. She went out of her house for a bike ride and go to the shop. After that, she never returns her home back. Her family members filed a missing case and the police start an investigation to find her. But, every plan and effort by the police has been failed. No one can found her after her disappearance. Suddenly, a police officer finds the body of a girl and when Tiffany’s parents go to identify their child, they were deeply broken upon seeing the body.

Tiffani Nelson Obituary

After 14 years, the parents of Tiffani see their child but in that condition. They can’t hug her properly as she can’t hold them from her side. Tiffani Nelson Obituary is coming out in front of everyone that stated “Tiffany Nelson, aka Tiffani Nelson was a 9 years old aged girl. She used to live with her aunt and cousins as she had lost her mother just 2 years ago to lymphoma. Similarly, friends and family described her as a ball of energy and the light of their family”. On 6th June 1994, Tiffani was gone out for a bike ride to a convenience store but she never returns home after that.

Tiffani Nelson Cause Of Death

The store is also located near her home but maybe in between the way or from the store someone kidnaps her. Not only this, but Tiffani Nelson Cause Of Death is murder. The police said that she was first kidnapped and then killed. Not only this, but someone described the day or the kidnapping of Nelson. The statement said that Tiffani was taken in a two-door car, being driven by a man wearing a hat. The accused has been described by someone as he looking as he is 40 years old and wearing a Kangol Cap. There is no clear information coming out related to the murder of Tiffani Nelson. But, All Social Updates will update here every single detail related to the incident that comes in front today.

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