Who Was Steven Powell? How Did He Die? Check Steven Powell Wiki Bio, Age, Wife, Family, Diaries

Steven Powell obituary , Death Cause And Mystery

Today we are talking about one of the psychic criminals Steven Powell. Apart from that in the year 2011, he was found guilty and arrested for child pornography and he was imprisoned for 6 years and right before 2 years ago on July 11, 2017, he was released from Prison. Then after on July 23, 2018, he had died of a problem of the heart. since 2009 his family has always been in the news headlines. But there has a mystery about his family that didn’t reveal yet. let talk about his family and figure out what is suspicious with this family.

Who was Steven Powell (Wiki, Bio) and What is his death Cause?

Steven was 68 years old when he had died In the hospital on July 23, 2018, he had died of a problem of the heart. He lived in the Puyallup with his wife and his five children. His wife’s name was Terrica Powell. Let us know that their marriage is not normal.

According to his wife he had always had an issue with his wife, that’s why he never wanted that she raised his children. Steven had always a connection with their sons. He shared his pornography content with his son.

Apart from that, his wife claimed that sometimes he taught his son to threaten her with a knife. A few later his elder son name Joshua got married to a woman named Susan.


Susan Powell Missing Case and History

According to the sources, Steven had a strange kind of behaviour with his daughter-in-law. Susan was always hesitant to live In the house and that’s why she had to move from with her children and his husband. When they moved from Washington to Utah.

After a few years in the year 2009 suddenly Susan went missing. Her husband Joshua filed a missing in the police. according to Joshua. She was usually going for a job as a stockbroker. When he tried to call her several times. She didn’t pick up her phone.

Later when he got to the home he found Susan’s purse and her cell phone at home. And that was the most tragic incident that we have ever seen. Because since 2009 she has never been found yet.

Steve Powell
Steve Powell Police Custody

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Police Investigation in Susan Powell Case And Complete Matter

When the investigation officer took the case into their hands. In the first place, they suspect Susan’s husband behind her disappearance. After Susan’s disappearance, her husband Joshua Powell moved back to Puyallup, Washington with their sons. Now investigation officer suspected her husband Joshua.

When they went to Steven’s home for the clue. Later they found more than 4500 photos on Steven’s computer. The officers got shocked when they found Susan’s photo on his computer. Along with there are other young girls’ photos he had on the computer.

According to the Police statement, he was obsessed with Susan. But in the whole scenario, they didn’t find any clue about Susan. Subsequently, Steven Powell got arrested for voyeurism and child pornography. And later then he spent 6 years in prison

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