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MTV Splitsvilla X3 Written Update Of 14th August 2021 Elimination, Task “Dil Hai Ke Janta Nahi”, Wild Card Entry & More

Check Out Latest MTV Splitsvilla X3 Written Update Of 14th August 2021 Elimination, Task "Dil Hai Ke Janta Nahi", Wild Card Entry, Dome Session & More.

Fans all around the country again waiting to watch India’s Best Dating Reality show, MTV Splitsvilla X3 on MTV India. The reality show coming with another brand new episode to amuse every single fan all around the country. The show already garnered lots of love and attention from the beginning. Now, the upcoming episode will also be setting the entire environment on fire. Every weekend, the show airing once, but the intense twists and level of competition keen everyone to watch every episode of the show. Recently, the show has successfully completed its 23 episodes. The upcoming one is the 24th episode of the show.


MTV Splitsvilla X3 Tonight’s Episode

Every episode coming with lots of thrilling moments in which the enthusiasm among the contestants to win the trophy has been increasing. Apart from this, many participants are participating in the show to find their true connection. But, many contestants are available in the show only for showing their performance and win the title of the show. The forthcoming episode of MTV Splitsvilla Season 13 will come with lots of ugly fights, challenging tasks, and top-notch performances of the contestants. So, it will be actually highly exciting to watch the complete episode. Every time, the makers provide the best concepts and performance of the contestants.

MTV Splitsvilla X3 Upcoming Task “Dil Hai Ke Janta Nahi”

As can be seen with each passing episode, the level of competition is increasing. Now, the upcoming episode coming with a very thrilling and exciting task. The title of the task appearing very entertaining is “Dil Hai Ke Janta Nahi”. Now, the episode that will be going to air on 14th August 2021 will be actually worth watching. The makers of the show will be slowly pushing it towards the final. Yes, the reality shows continuously eliminating many contestants who do not deserve to be a part of the show anymore. Every episode of MTV Splitsvilla 13 clearly shows that the Grand Finale of the show will be soon arriving to enhance the madness among the audience.

The ensuing episode of the reality show containing many cut-throat and intense moments in which many contestants indulge in ugly fights. Apart from this, host Rannvijay Singha and Sunny Leone will announce the task to all the contestants. Every participant will be appearing in the best form to perform as much perfect as possible. As all of us know that the makers never leave any task so simple. So, the task that will be going to air in tonight’s episode will also be highly enthralling and very engaging. We are sure that from the beginning of the upcoming episode, you will never stand from your seat.

Rannvijay Explain The Task To All Contestants

The promo that the officials shared on the social media platform of MTV India clearly shows that the episode will be highly anticipated. So, the first promo shows the host Rannvijay describing to all the contestants that what will they have to do in the task. In the next scene, the contestants are appearing in the promo in which some couples are standing. One’s eyes are open and the eyes of the other contestant will be tied with cloth. The first contestant will spin the other and then they have to find their connection. During the task, the hosts of the show will ask some questions which are related to their connections.

After that, the answers given by the contestants create the entire scenario highly interesting and mind-blowing for all the viewers. Not only this but another promo shows that the members of the Boombam Gang will go for a date and they trying to impress the girls from the bottom of their hearts. So, Nikhil and Pallak or Shivam and Bhoomika are the participants who first time going for a date. After that, viewers will see that Shivam will try hard to impress Bhoomika and the conversation between them will flourish love all over the atmosphere of the show.

The Fourth Ideal Match Of MTV Splitsvilla Season 13

Along with them, couples Trevon and Nikita also go for a date in which they both tells lots of beautiful things about each other. Trevon will reveal that he likes her more than a friend. Also, many stunning revelations will also come out during the task. As per the sources, the show also gets the next ideal match of the current season. So, if we reveal the name of the fourth Ideal Match of MTV Splitsvilla X3 then the names are Nikhil and Pallak. As the fans already watched that they both are perfect to each other. Now, they will become the next ideal match of the 13th season of the dating reality show.

Wild Card Entry & Elimination In The Upcoming Episode

Let us also tell you that four contestants from Wild Villa will get entry into the show as wild card entries. The names of the participants are Piyush, Samruddhi, Avantika, and Samarthya. Along with the new wild card entry, the reality show also contains the shocking elimination of the weekend. So, the ensuing episode will be coming with another elimination that breaks many hearts. There will be another dome session in which Trevon, Nikita, and Arushi will be in the dumping zone. As we already know that Arushi does not have any connection with anyone in the Villa.

So, the subsequent episode will be the last episode of Arushi Chib. Her journey will ends on 14th August 2021 with MTV Splitsvilla X3. India’s Best Dating Reality Show will be airing on MTV India every Saturday at 7 PM. The fan following of the show already touches the peak and the TRP always remains on the top. Now, if you want to know further details of the reality show then All Social Updates are here available. So, stay connected with us and get every single detail of the reality show.

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