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The highly publicized case of San Francisco is again in limelight, Scott Peterson who was convicted of murder in 2004 of his wife and their unborn child. Scott Peterson seeks a new trial almost after 2 decades.


 What Happened To Laci Peterson ?


Laci Peterson, who was 27 years old and eight months pregnant, was found missing on Christmas Eve in 2002. Later, after four months of missing her body remains and her child Conner was found in the San Francisco Bay in 2003. The body is mutilated badly, by the DNA test they identified. And on that same day, Scott was arrested and charged. He pleaded not guilty.


Laci Peterson’s Disappearance


Laci was disappeared on December 23, 2002, at 5:45 p.m. Before her disappearance, she had a conversation with her husband, her half-sister, and her mother, Sharon. According to the investigators Scott bought a new boat just before 15 days of the incident and he told to his known people that he would out to play golf on Christmas Eve. While Scott was fishing that day and Laci was home alone with her pet dog.

Laci_Peterson and Scott

Laci Peterson’s Case Investigation And Police Report

Investigators said that they found that, the cause of Laci’s disappearance, Scott was having an extramarital affair with massage therapist Amber Frey. And according to Frey’s statement, she said, “I met Scott Peterson Nov. 20, 2002. Scott told me he was not married. We did have a romantic relationship.”

“It was so hard. The media was labeling me as the mistress,” said Frey in a 2017 interview with “20/20.”

Prosecutors claim that Scott use the boat to dumped his wife’s body and traveled to San Francisco Bay. They argued that the motive of Scott to kill his wife that he could be with Frey.

It was Scott himself who report Laci’s missing report from their Modesto home. Police found that Laci’s wallet, purse, and sunglasses were in her closet. They investigate in the neighborhood and find evidence that they saw Laci walking with her dog in her backyard. But later investigation discover it was another lady whom people saw.


Scott Peterson’s Statement

According to Scott Peterson, he last seen Laci the next morning at 8: 30 am from missing day means on December 24, 2002. And it was two Burglars who entered the house and threaten her.


Discovery of Laci Peterson’s Body  And Autopsy

Laci’s Body was found floating on April 13, 2003, by a couple walking with their dog on San Francisco Bay and it was decomposed fully. According to an autopsy report by Dr. Peterson body was found She had suffered two cracked ribs, upper torso had been emptied of internal organs except for the uterus, which protected the fetus, explaining the lower level of decomposition it experienced. Laci ‘s death cause was not determined. the fetus had been expelled from Laci’s decaying body. there was no food in his stomach, which would have indicated a live birth had it been present.

Some also say that they saw a nylon thread handing around the neck of the fetus.

Charges on Scott Peterson And Final Verdict



On November 12, 2004, Scott Peterson was convicted of first-degree murder for his wife’s death and second-degree murder for Conner’s death. Judge Alfred A. Delucchi sentenced Scott to death, calling the murder of Laci “cruel, uncaring, heartless, and callous” But the order postponed all executions for the duration of Newsom’s tenure as governor because California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a moratorium in March 2019.

He remains on death row in San Quentin Prison, although his death penalty was overturned and he is seeking a new trial. He and his family did not found him guilty as his defense team argued that Laci was still alive December 24 when Scott Peterson drove to the marina, according to an appeal filed in his case, and in April 2021 his attorneys were granted a 60-day extension for discovery in his case.


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Laci Peterson’s Wiki/ Biography


Birth NameLaci Denise Rocha
Date of Birth4 May 1975
DiedDecember 24, 2002 (aged 27)
Zodiac SignTaurus
SpouseScott Peterson
OccupationSubstitute teacher
BirthplaceModesto, California, U.S.A

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