Is Kaspersky Internet Security is Good For Android Devices in 2021?

Digital and Electronic devices have now become a part of everyone’s life. We all need devices like Mobile, tablets, laptops to perform our daily work. And other than Windows and iOS, android is the most common platform which most of the  Modern Digital Devices Shares. As per the latest Reports and Surveys Android Shares 85% Global Mobile Market. This means that there are more than 2.5 Billion monthly active users of Android devices in the world. So with this huge amount of android devices in the modern world, Android devices are the prime targets for Hackers.  There are so many different and unique ways by which hackers or malicious people can deliver harmful software and malware to any android device.


Any android device can infect through a hidden script in a simple text message, Third-Party Apps, and through visiting any malware-infected website or web page. So with such a diverse range of threats, Every Android Device must need a very high-quality Antivirus Installed on it. So in this article, we are going to review one of the Best Antivirus Programs for Mobile Devices available in 2020.


Kaspersky Internet  Security for Android is one of the Best antivirus programs available in the market. It is one of the most advanced and feature-packed Internet Security Solution for any android device. It provides excellent security and protection against unwanted threats that can harm Android devices or your personal information stored on the device. The Kaspersky Internet Security Antivirus app provides is packed with some top-notch functions like real-time protection of your mobile phones or tablets from trojans, Malware, Viruses, and other cyber attacks like phishing.


 Now let’s talk about Some of the Top Features of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android in 2020



We all know how useful is mobile devices are, what you can do on mobile. Mobile devices have just become a very essential part of all human beings. We do a ton of different activities, work, transactions through our android mobile device. And we also store very precious data and information on our cell phones. So for protecting all those private and confidential data we need

Kaspersky Internet Security likes a Strong and powerful Antivirus program that can stop any unwanted malicious attacks on our Mobiles or Tablets. The Kaspersky antivirus app has a lot of amazing features which are listed below:


. Real-Time Protection

. Anti-Spyware

. Anti-Theft Tools


. Wifi Monitoring

.Automatic Scan

. Android Wear Support

. Manual or customizable Scan

.Anti-Phishing Protection

. Blocks Suspicious  Apps, Websites, and Files

.App Lock control


Real-Time and Advanced Protection: Kaspersky Internet Security for Android in 2020 provides Real-time protection from any threat or suspicious activity that tries to invade your personal space and access your files. The Kaspersky Antivirus program in 2020 uses advance and modern techniques like Machine Learning to suspect, recognize and stop new threats. It also blocks harmful apps if the antivirus program detects any sort of danger or security breach.



Anti-Spyware :


Spywares are the programs that can monitor all your activities, calls, and messages that you perform on your android device. The Kaspersky Internet Security app has an Anti-Spyware feature that lets you know if there is any spyware monitoring your activities or device and lets you help in removing it.


 VPN: VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN is a special program that helps you by protecting your all online activities. What VPN does is, creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and  server so that no one can know what you are doing online and hide or masks or IP address so that no one can know your actual location


Anti-Theft Tools :


This feature of the Kaspersky Antivirus App is one of the most useful features. It is a very essential tool for preventing theft. If by any chance if you lose your mobile or someone has stolen it then you can use this Anti-theft feature. By this feature you can remotely access your device, know your device location, activate alarm sound on your cell phone, take a photo of the person who is currently operating the mobile, lock your device and the most useful one is you can perform a complete reset of your mobile so that no one can access your data.



WiFi Monitoring :


The wifi monitoring feature is a very handy one. What this feature does is it gives you superuser access to your wifi. With the help of this feature, you can monitor the devices connected with your wifi and know who is using your data. You can also block any unwanted user or device from accessing your wifi.


Automatic Scan :


The automatic scan feature of the Kaspersky Online security program keeps on scanning for any malicious file or app on your device without hurting or reducing the device performance at all. The Antivirus keeps on running in the background to stop any harmful website or hacker.


Android Wear support: It’s one of the latest features of this antivirus program ad helps you monitor your device remotely with the help of your android wear or watch. You can perform all tasks without even touching your mobile phone remotely with the help of this feature.










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