Hudco OFS: Date, Price, Discount, OFS Size, Subscription Status, Listing, & More

Check Out Hudco OFS: Date, Price, Floor Price, Discount, OFS Size, Subscription Status, Listing, & More. Hudco OFS will be ready with Rs. 1369.3 Crore Issue Size.

Finally, there is another chance to purchase the most profitable OFS of all time. Probably, many people missed many IPOs just because of a lack of information. But, if you want to get all the details on time, you just need to bookmark our website and keep visiting regularly. Let us tell you Hudco Offer For Sale coming with a very genuine chance for all the traders. Yes, the Hudco OFS has been started on 27th July 2021 for not-retail investors. For retail investors, the company opens the OFS on 28th July 2021. So, it is a great opportunity for all the traders who are keen to get a very huge return on their investment.

Hudco OFS Date, Price, Discount, OFS Size, Subscription Status, Listing, & More

Hudco Offer For Sale (OFS) Dates & Floor Price 

It is the best chance to make a profit again through OFS. One of the most brilliant and awaited Hudco OFS has been started for all the traders. Now, it will be actually very amazing to watch how much profit will traders earn through this OFS. Every trader has an eye on this OFS as no one wants to miss the golden chance. As per the available details, Hudco OFS is available 4.86% for investors. Besides, the OFS Floor Price of the IPO is Rs. 45 per equity share. If we talk about the closing price of the OFS then it is Rs 47.30 as of 28th July 2021.

Hudco OFS Size & All Details 

Now, one of the most important detail, Hudco Offer For Sale (OFS) Size as it is 16.02 Crore equity shares of Rs. 720.68 Crores. On the other hand, the size for non-retail investors is 14.41 Crore equity shares of Rs. 648.62 Crores. Now, retail investors have a chance to get more profit there are 1.60 core shares reserved for them. Some more details are given below relates to the upcoming OFS 2021.

OFS Open:27 July 2021 (Non-Retail)
OFS Close:28 July 2021 (Retail)
Retail Portion:10%
OFS Floor Price:₹45 per equity share
Closing Price:₹47.30 as of 26 July 2021
OFS Discount:4.86% of the closing price
Retail Discount:N/A
Base Size:16.02 Crore Equity Shares (720.68 Crores)
Non-Retail Size:14.41 Crore Equity Shares (648.62 Crores)
Retail Size:1.60 Crore Equity Shares (72.07 Crores)
Base Size:0.80 Crore Equity Shares (36.03 Crores)
Green Shoe Size:N/A
Total Size:16.02 Crore Equity Shares

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Now, if an investor wants to buy the upcoming Hudco OFS then you just need to have a Demat account with a registered stockbroker. The company is well-known all over the market and ready to raise a very huge amount of money with the help of this Offer For Sale. As everyone knows that investors are always looking forward to getting huge profits. Now, Hudco is the best option or chance for everyone to get a high return on their investments. The application form is available on the official website of SEBI. Along with it, investors can subscribe to the OFS through their sharebroker.

Hudco Offer For Sale (OFS) Price & Discount

So, if you buy the OFS through your sharebroker then you just need to pay the amount of the OFS directly. Within a moment, you can very easily book the shares and if your luck is with you then your application will also get selected, While purchasing the share, the timing to book the share is also kept in mind as you can only purchase your shares lot within the stock market hours. Let us also tell you that all the investors also trying to purchase the OFS during the stock market hours. So, be careful to don’t miss the chance. Otherwise, Hudco OFS Date, Price, Size, Discount, and some more details are given in this post. So, read it carefully before taking any step as you will be going to invest your money in it.

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