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A well-known philosopher Antonio Escohotado has passed away at the age of 80 in Ibiza. There is the saddest moment that a great personality was no longer among us. He was so determined and optimistic. Apart from philosophy, he was teaching in the university as a professor as well as an essayist. According to the EL Paris newspaper he was also known for his research and dissemination on drugs. For the past year, he has been in the limelight. Today, the generation will never forget him. Because he has struggled a lot to get honoured.

Official Announcement: Antonio Escohotado passes away

Who Was Antonio Escohotado?

Antonio Escohotado was born in Madrid, Spain on July 5, 1941. He was a Spanish phosphor as well as an essayist. If we walk about his education he has covered a wide range of fields in law, philosopher, and sociology. He got public attention when he was researching drugs. That’s why he was also known as an anti-prohibitionist. People always appreciated his work in ‘The General History of Drugs’.

He was inspired many times with speech and determination. According to the sources, in an interview, he gave his opinion on abortion. He said that he had never met a woman who doesn’t feel pain at the time of the abortion. The philosopher gave his opinion through his writing if we take a look at his work in the field of essayist then we have to learn more about circumstances that everyone faced in his life.

What Is Antonio Escohotado Cause Of Death? Check Death Reason!

According to the sources he died at the age of 80. His death cause doesn’t reveal yet. but we can expect that he might be dead by nature cause. Escohotado was such a great writer. In the career of essayist, he published many authentic books like ‘The Spirit of comedy (1992), Portrait of libertine (1998), Chaos and order (1999), and Sixty weeks in the tropics (2003).

The discovery and research led him to publish The General History of Drugs. In this book, he wrote his all-time experience regarding anti-drug prohibition perspective and more. He would say that he had a tough time when he wrote that book In the 1980s. according to the sources, he wrote the book that time when he was prisoned in Cuenca for a year.

Antonio Escohotado Wiki Bio, Age, Images, Career, Family, Instagram, YouTube

For all his researches and he has got a lot of achievement and appreciation from the world. today world will remember him as a legend. We have a lot more to learn from that kind of personality. According to Antonio Escohotado, he was so passionate about his work and says it does not matter where you belong.

But your knowledge and hard work will always pay you. According to the Spain media, His thoughts about drug patient and their prescription was very clear. And he has passed away and his life is a meaningful sentence. We have the deepest condolences of that personality. for more latest updates and new broadcasting keep following us on All Social Updates.

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