HideMYAss ( HMA) Online VPN Features and Review in 2021

HideMyAss is not just any other Online Free VPN service provider but it’s one of the Best VPN Services available in the Market Right Now. HideMyAss(HMA) is among one of the most popular VPN subscription Service Provider that offers complete Privacy in the Online World. With HideMyAss Coupon Codes and Promo Codes, people can get very good deals on VPN services. The HideMyAss Voucher Codes and Discount offers can make the deal very affordable and people can save some extra bucks in their pocket on the purchase of this Premium VPN Service.


Why it is Important to Use VPN Service like – HideMyAss?


Using a VPN Service in today’s Day and age is extremely important. We all use the Internet frequently and regularly for different purposes whether it’s for entertainment, Chatting, Video Conferencing, Shopping, and Banking. In short, we use the online platform for all different things, and if you do not have any Online VPN software installed on our digital device then we are exposing our data to hackers. The malicious people can take benefit of this opportunity and steal all your personal information or data. They can use all your data for any wrong or unethical activities. So it is very important to have a VPN Service like HMA.


A VPN service will protect your privacy, secure your network and Device from any kind of Cyber Attack or Virus. What HMA Online  VPN does is creates a Secure network tunnel between you and the Server and encrypt that tunnel with the latest Security algorithm so that no one can see or access your network activities. VPN Service also masks your device’s IP address and location by using proxy server, so that no one can see your actual IP address and Device location. There are also other very useful functions and advantages of Online HideMyAss VPN Service like accessing block Websites like torrent and Geo-restricted content and many more.



Why You Should Use HideMyAss (HMA) as your VPN network?

There are many VPN services in the market but why you should prefer HideMyAss over others. Well, there are many plus points and Benefits of using HideMyAss VPN Service that is mentioned below:



.World Wide Coverage and Great Speed: HMA has coverage and server in all parts of the world. Its services are available in more than 190 countries and have 290+ Server location forms where Users can access its Free Online VPN Service. Its VPN servers operate at 20 Gbps Speed  Which makes its Service blazing fast.


.IP Shuffle:  One of the most advanced features of HideMyAss, unlike other Free VPN Services it randomize IP Address, from every 10 minutes to once a day so that no one can track the same IP address.


.No Log DNS: HideMyAss never log any user details or information, Many Paid  VPN and Free VPN Service Providers  keeps a log of user details but HMA VPN never does. They make sure that all your connection remains private and free from any threat or attack. Their Proxy Server are the most secured and fast ones.




.Leak Shield:  Another most important feature of the HMA VPN Service that it provides leak shield protection which protects your device from IPv4, IPv6, and DNS leaks to make sure your personal and professional information and data remain Protected in any case.


  • . Covers All Devices:  HMA Service offers its services for all major operating systems and it can cover all your devices with the same Subscription account. You can use the account for Protecting up to 5 devices including Windows, Android, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Even
  • HMA Free Proxy Service : HideMyAss also offers free Proxy Server for people to use and try with some limitations but its one of the best free Proxy Server that any can Check out. You can check out this Link for Free Proxy
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee : You can try HMA VPN Service for Free up  to 7 days and if you are not conviced by its performance or hidemyass proxies does not exceed your expectations then you can always get full refund of your money in 30 days. HideMyAss download Link

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