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Ed Warren is the main lead character in the horror films Annabella and The Conjuring series. The character was portrayed by Patrick Wilson. The Conjuring part 3 is going to hit the theatres and HBO Max on June 5. The movie underlines the health condition of a heart attack.

Who is Ed Warren?

Ed Warren was a self-trained and possessed demonologist, an author who with his wife Loraine investigate haunted places and cases. Previously, Ed was World War II United States Navy veteran and former police officer. Edward Warren Miney was born on September 7, 1926, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S. and died on August 23, 2006 (aged 79) Monroe, Connecticut, U.S. Warren married to Lorraine Rita Warren in 1945. They together have a daughter named Judy Warren who was born in 1950.

Ed Warren Wiki Bio Age Biography Profession Death Cause & Interesting Facts

Ed Warren with his Wife Loraine together establishes the New England Society for Psychic Research (NESPR) in 1952. The ghost haunting group claimed that they investigate over 10,000 cases. According to them, they solve cases together with the help of various society people like medical staff, police officers, students, volunteers, and clergy members. Currently, NESPR is run by Judy and her husband Tony Spera.

They never charge for their investigation cases, instead, they start giving lectures at colleges, and license their stories for the film, book, tv shows for earning.

Ed Warren heart attack or medical condition is the spotlight in The Conjuring 3:

In the movies, his health condition was visible as well. You would carefully watch the movie that how Warren had a heart attack due to exorcism. Then they rushed to the hospital, but the moment was unclear if he had an attack due to exorcism.

Warren did suffer from many health conditions.

In 2001, once he was collapsed at home and taken to hospital. Later he was in a coma for 11 weeks. During that time doctors gave their veridiction that he couldn’t be able to make it but his strong beliefs and desire to live helped him and Ed woke up from Coma.

How did Edward die?

At the age of 79, because of regular health issues and sufferings, he died on 23 August 2006 in his home in Monroe. However, his cause of death was not revealed but according to reports, Ed’s bad health condition became the cause of his death. His wife Loraine was at his side at the time of the last breath.

After Ed Warren’s death, Loraine continues work and took cases but in 2019, she has also left the world.

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Notable and high-value investigations

Ed and Loraine’s ghost haunting stories are very popular, or we can say that they made it famous and the overcome is that these are adapted by filmmakers and television shows and documentaries.

Their most famous investigations include Annabelle, Amityville, Enfield poltergeist, Cheyenne Johnson, Snedeker house, Smurl family, Union Cemetery.

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