Best PC and Mobile Cleaner Software – CC cleaner Uses and Features


If you use a desktop or laptop or even mobile then you must know that many types of junk files keep on storing on your device. To keep your device running smoothly and to get provide optimum performance from your device then you must need to clean those useless Junk files from your device. Files like Perfect files, Cache files, temporary files, and Files in Recycle bin files need to be clean on regular basis, these files pile up over time and affect the performance of the device to a very large extent. CCleaner is one such tool that helps you in removing those unwanted files from your Desktop or Laptop. The  Ccleaner as the name Describes fetches your whole device and searches all the temporary files to clean them. If you are looking for any such type of software which can reduce your work and delete all those extra files which are impacting your device performance and using the space of your device then there is no better option than CCleaner.



About the Piriform`s Ccleaner  :

Piriform`s Ccleaner is an award-winning software program that not only cleans Junk files but also keeps your device safe and secure by warning you about the harmful or malicious applications installed in your device. Ccleaner is launched by Piriform company in the year 2014. The company offers different types of soft wares that work on different   Mobiles, Desktops, PCs, Cloud and on complex Cloud Networks. Ccleaner has over 2.5 Billion Downloads across the world for different devices. The Piriform company offers its services in 55 different languages and it has over  5,000,000 Desktop installs per week.


Features and Advantages of Ccleaner :


CCleaner is not just used for removing the Unwanted files From your Device but has many other useful features that make it the best program to have on your device. The major features of CCleaner are :

Optimize Device for better and enhancement in  performance :

Ccleaner is advanced software that is not only easy to use but it’s one of the most used PC optimization software.  Ccleaner not only just cleans the junk files but it gives a boost to your device performance by Removing the unwanted programs using the device Ram.


Third-party Application  Remover :

CCleaner also provides a ton of other features and one of them is it offers simple easy to use, user interfaces for cleaning and removing unwanted or extra programs, applications from your device.


Advanced Registry Cleaner-  After a while, your registries and links can become unorganized which slows down your device. Ccleaner removes the unused file types such as Extensions, Activex Controls, ClassIDs, ProgIDs, Shared DLLs, Fonts, Help Files, Application Paths, Icons, and many more.


. Safer Browsing  Experience:  CCleaner helps users and removing the cookies and browsing history of users. It not only keeps the device free of junk but also helps stops the websites that use cookies and other things to track user interests and behavior.



. Quicker Startup :

There are so many programs that we use in your device to do our work but many of them keep on running in the background which increases your device load up time or starts uptime. With software like Ccleaner, you can manually select the priority of every program which needs to be load and which one is not.

. 100% Spyware Free-  CCleaner is 100% safe and secure software. It is a 100% verified program and it does not have any sort of spyware code in its programming. Your privacy is completely safe if you Ccleaner.




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